Use of difficulty in Sentences. 25 Examples

The examples include difficulty at the start of sentence, difficulty at the end of sentence and difficulty in the middle of sentence

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difficulty at the end of sentence

  1. He found the place without difficulty.
  2. This project involves much difficulty.
  3. He was pushing a handtruck with difficulty.
  4. These things can be arranged with difficulty.
  5. He could bluff his way through any difficulty.
  6. The old lady climbed up the stairs with difficulty.
  7. He mustered up enough courage to attack the difficulty.
  8. The old lady can mount the stairs only with difficulty.
  9. The tests in this book are arranged in order of difficulty.
  10. The detective-constable picked out the words with difficulty.
  11. A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

difficulty in the middle of sentence

  1. She has difficulty breathing.
  2. The bank is in difficulty / difficulties.
  3. Bad planning will lead to difficulty later.
  4. He had great difficulty in English grammar.
  5. He finally solved the difficulty of transportation.
  6. She had difficulty learning English pronunciation.
  7. They had great difficulty in finding a replacement.
  8. The patient was perceived to have difficulty in breathing.
  9. We're having difficulty recruiting enough qualified staff.
  10. The old woman had some difficulty straightening herself up.
  11. We had enormous difficulty in getting hold of the right equipment.
  12. Women who do not ovulate regularly have difficulty in becoming pregnant.
  13. The police had difficulty in restraining the crowd from rushing on to the pitch.
  14. There is no insurmountable difficulty before a brave man ; it is in difficult circumstances that a hero distinguishes himself.

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