Use of effort in Sentences. 25 Examples

The examples include effort at the start of sentence, effort at the end of sentence and effort in the middle of sentence

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effort at the end of sentence

  1. It was a waste of effort.
  2. The report was a joint effort .
  3. The work doesn't need much effort.
  4. I decided to make one more effort.
  5. They only made a perfunctory effort.
  6. The invention is a collective effort.
  7. He lifted up the rock without effort.
  8. What you need is a little more effort.
  9. His success is in proportion to his effort.
  10. Can you steel yourself for yet more effort?
  11. Greek warriors took the fortress with little effort.
  12. Lou lifted the box easily,(sentence dictionary) without using much effort.

effort in the middle of sentence

  1. All my effort went down the drain.
  2. With an effort, he restrained himself.
  3. The little boy made no effort to obey.
  4. You should put more effort into your work.
  5. You should put a little more effort into it.
  6. He made no effort to hide his disappointment.
  7. You expend so much effort for so little return.
  8. With effort she managed to stop herself laughing.
  9. The couple made every effort to satisfy their son.
  10. We should spare no effort to beautify our environment.
  11. It required superhuman effort to lift the huge boulder.
  12. We have made a conscious effort to devolve responsibility.
  13. The girl's earnest effort counterbalanced her slowness at learning.

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