Use of stab in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include stab at the start of sentence, stab at the end of sentence and stab in the middle of sentence

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stab in the middle of sentence

  1. She felt a stab of pity.
  2. He felt a stab of guilt.
  3. I stab my finger in his eye.
  4. The boy made a stab at the pig.
  5. I'll have one more stab at it.
  6. I found a stab wound on his leg.
  7. She felt a stab of pity for him.
  8. He felt a sharp stab of disappointment.
  9. He killed him with a stab to the heart.
  10. I had a stab at answering the question.
  11. I felt a stab of hatred for his captors.
  12. She felt a sudden stab of pain in the chest.
  13. She died of a single stab wound to the heart.
  14. Several tennis stars have had a stab at acting.
  15. In a fit of insane jealousy he tried to stab her.
  16. Several of the victims suffered severe stab wounds.
  17. A stab of fear lodged between his shoulder blades.
  18. Countless people have had a stab at solving the riddle.
  19. He was admitted to Middlesex hospital with stab wounds.
  20. Victim had multiple stab wounds and was partially burned.
  21. Baxter was rushed to the hospital with multiple stab wounds.
  22. He died from multiple stab wounds to the neck and upper body.
  23. Can I stab at the meat with my knife to see if it is well cooked.
  24. Her refusal to support his campaign was a real stab in the back.
  25. He found the test difficult but nevertheless made a good stab at it.
  26. Her criticism of the company's plans was a stab at the chairman himself.
  27. I've always enjoyed acting, but I'd like to have a stab at directing one day.
  28. I'd never tried snorkelling before but I had a stab at it while I was in Greece.
  29. She felt a stab of envy when she saw all the expensive presents Zoe had been given for Christmas.

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