Use of feeling in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include feeling at the start of sentence, feeling at the end of sentence and feeling in the middle of sentence

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feeling at the start of sentence

  1. Feeling were so intense that they fought a duel.

feeling at the end of sentence

  1. She is a consistent girl in her feeling.

feeling in the middle of sentence

  1. I have a feeling he'll come.
  2. I've lost all feeling in my legs.
  3. I must own to a feeling of anxiety.
  4. I woke up in the night feeling cold.
  5. I'm feeling no better than yesterday.
  6. I'm feeling a bit dozy this afternoon.
  7. I've got a tight feeling in my stomach.
  8. I haven't been feeling myself recently .
  9. He felt an aching feeling in his stomach.
  10. Alex woke late feeling tired and sluggish.
  11. He had a gut feeling that Sarah was lying.
  12. I've got a horrible feeling she lied to us.
  13. You'll soon be feeling your old self again .
  14. We had a feeling of inertia in the afternoon.
  15. Sometimes love is not a feeling but a choice.
  16. You have every justification for feeling angry.
  17. The attack of flu left her feeling very groggy.
  18. I'm unable to throw off this feeling of inertia.
  19. The decision left us feeling deeply dissatisfied.
  20. I've got a feeling I've seen him before somewhere.
  21. The singer is always feeling after words of praise.
  22. He paused, feeling his scalp prickling under his hat.
  23. Harriet was overwhelmed by a feeling of homesickness.
  24. 'I'm feeling rather tired,' he said, his eyes glazing.
  25. Local feeling does not necessarily concur with the press.
  26. Blind persons can often recognize objects by feeling them.
  27. Like sunlight penetrates every inch of skin feeling faint.

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