Use of obstacle in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include obstacle at the start of sentence, obstacle at the end of sentence and obstacle in the middle of sentence

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obstacle at the end of sentence

  1. He took a leap over an obstacle.
  2. Her father's opposition was their only obstacle.
  3. The attitude of the unions is a serious obstacle.
  4. However, qualifications remained a major obstacle.
  5. Her father's opposition remained only their obstacle.
  6. In the full flush of success, nothing was an obstacle.
  7. Lack of money has proved an almost insurmountable obstacle.
  8. Most competition cars will only roll over if they hit an obstacle.

obstacle in the middle of sentence

  1. This obstacle is personified by Sen.
  2. Fear of change is an obstacle to progress.
  3. could be an obstacle to an arms agreement.
  4. She felt that her family was an obstacle to her work.
  5. The biggest obstacle in our way was a tree trunk in the road.
  6. Overcrowding remains a large obstacle to improving conditions.
  7. A lack of qualifications can be a major obstacle to finding a job.
  8. This decision has removed the last obstacle to the hostages' release.
  9. Another obstacle to keeping these efforts alive is
  10. If they hit any unseen obstacle they would be pitched headlong into the snow.
  11. Not being able to pass his mathematics exam proved an obstacle to his career.
  12. Lack of childcare provision can be a major obstacle for women wishing to work.
  13. The release of prisoners remains an obstacle in the path of a peace agreement.
  14. The agreement removes the last serious obstacle to the signing of the arms treaty.
  15. The difference in regional house prices acts as an obstacle to mobility of labour.
  16. The huge distances involved have proved an obstacle to communication between villages.
  17. The MP claims that there is now no obstacle to him standing at the next general election.
  18. The Church of England put a serious obstacle in the path of women who want to become priests.
  19. Mispronunciation can be a serious obstacle to making yourself understood in a foreign language.
  20. We assume that competent doctors emerge at the end of an obstacle course of traditional examinations based on facts.

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