Use of usual in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include usual at the start of sentence, usual at the end of sentence and usual in the middle of sentence

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usual at the end of sentence

  1. He came home later than usual.
  2. The vintage was later than usual.
  3. They kissed and made up, as usual.
  4. I unrolled my sleeping bag as usual.
  5. We came by a longer route than usual.
  6. She had woken even earlier than usual.
  7. He is in a much better mood than usual.

usual in the middle of sentence

  1. The usual fabric was timber.
  2. I went to bed at my usual time.
  3. She made all the usual excuses.
  4. No, I'll be home at the usual time.
  5. Sid was not his usual smiling self.
  6. Make a cheese sauce in the usual way.
  7. This isn't my usual brand of deodorant.
  8. The plane deviated from its usual route.
  9. They are going fishing at the usual time.
  10. Her voice was quite unlike her usual one.
  11. You're looking more like your usual self.
  12. He didn't sound like his usual happy self.
  13. You're not your usual cheerful self today.
  14. He's not his usual happy self this morning.
  15. For us Indonesians,rice is the most usual food.
  16. The essay didn't come up to his usual standards.
  17. The photographer shot the usual roll of pictures.
  18. The plane did not fly the usual commercial route.
  19. There was little deviation from his usual routine.
  20. The payments are a supplement to his usual salary.
  21. The boy's behavior deviates from the usual pattern.
  22. Football is the boys' usual recreation after school.

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