Use of natural in Sentences. 24 Examples

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natural in the middle of sentence

  1. He was not a natural leader.
  2. The town has a small natural harbour.
  3. My natural inclination was to say no.
  4. His life had reached its natural term.
  5. Joanna has natural grace and elegance.
  6. It is natural for a cat to catch mice.
  7. This wood has a beautiful natural grain.
  8. Pregnancy is a natural part of womanhood.
  9. She has the natural grace of a born dancer.
  10. It's an area of outstanding natural beauty.
  11. Many natural materials are becoming scarce.
  12. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty.
  13. We can't overbuild a natural environment area.
  14. I find the natural world endlessly fascinating.
  15. This product contains only natural flavourings.
  16. They used only natural pigments to dye the wool.
  17. Australia is a country rich in natural resources.
  18. My natural mother has never communicated with me.
  19. His air of confidence makes him a natural leader.
  20. Our skin cream contains only natural ingredients.
  21. He repressed his natural sexual desires as sinful.
  22. She seems to have a natural affinity for/with water.
  23. The body produces chemicals which are natural painkillers.
  24. Harry had considerable success dapping with the natural fly.

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