Use of normal in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include normal at the start of sentence, normal at the end of sentence and normal in the middle of sentence

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normal at the start of sentence

  1. Normal competition rules apply.
  2. Normal services will be resumed in the spring.

normal at the end of sentence

  1. He did not seem normal.
  2. His manner seems to have reverted to normal.
  3. After a week of festivities, life returned to normal.

normal in the middle of sentence

  1. Are you back to normal again?
  2. She's a normal healthy child.
  3. 'Is that normal?' Josie butted in.
  4. A normal working week is 40 hours.
  5. He appears a perfectly normal person.
  6. Weeping is a normal response to pain.
  7. We are open during normal office hours.
  8. It's perfectly normal to feel like this.
  9. She braced herself to lead a normal life.
  10. He had a normal middle - class upbringing.
  11. The normal repayment period is five years.
  12. She had all the normal childhood illnesses .
  13. Under normal circumstances, I would say 'yes'.
  14. The plane deviated from its normal flight path.
  15. It's normal to feel tired after such a long trip.
  16. Lively behaviour is normal for a four-year-old child.
  17. I needed you to have a chance at a normal, happy life.
  18. It's perfectly normal to be nervous before a performance.
  19. The normal supply of water has turned brown and unusable.
  20. Some drugs can cause the inhibition of normal bodily activity.
  21. In the normal course of events I wouldn't go to that part of town.
  22. She skipped normal meals to satisfy her craving for chocolate and crisps.
  23. We interrupt our normal transmissions to bring you a piece of special news.

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