Use of ordinary in Sentences. 26 Examples

The examples include ordinary at the start of sentence, ordinary at the end of sentence and ordinary in the middle of sentence

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ordinary at the start of sentence

  1. Ordinary folk can't afford cars like that.

ordinary in the middle of sentence

  1. He is in ordinary dress.
  2. I am ordinary yet unique.
  3. I am just a ordinary people.
  4. It's just an ordinary camera.
  5. I'm an ordinary office worker.
  6. It was a very ordinary day today.
  7. He's an ordinary bloke, despite being famous.
  8. Her paintings are of ordinary everyday objects.
  9. He was demoted to the rank of ordinary soldier.
  10. No ordinary families can afford to hire servants.
  11. Judged by the ordinary standards,he was reliable.
  12. My job's been downgraded to that of ordinary editor.
  13. He supplements his ordinary income by writing books.
  14. The article is a slander on ordinary working people.
  15. It's possible to weld stainless steel to ordinary steel.
  16. They can abstract precious medicines from ordinary substances.
  17. An ordinary priest, he was hailed by thousands as the new messiah.
  18. Motorways have largely superseded ordinary roads for long-distance travel.
  19. We were dressed up for the party but she was still in her ordinary clothes.
  20. He has managed to crystallise the feelings of millions of ordinary Russians.
  21. Cheaper housing would vastly improve the living standards of ordinary people.
  22. The new arrangements will help the banks in their ordinary day-to-day dealings.
  23. The money I get from teaching the piano is a useful supplement to my ordinary income.
  24. The royal family is insulated from many of the difficulties faced by ordinary people.
  25. Johnny is so ingenious - he can make the most remarkable sculptures from the most ordinary materials.

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