Use of regular in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include regular at the start of sentence, regular at the end of sentence and regular in the middle of sentence

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regular at the start of sentence

  1. Regular exercise is good for the heart.
  2. Regular exercise is good for your health.
  3. Regular exercise will improve blood circulation.
  4. Regular exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle .

regular at the end of sentence

  1. The store has a lot of regular.
  2. His breathing was deep and regular.

regular in the middle of sentence

  1. Sunday is a regular holiday.
  2. The computer gave a regular bleep.
  3. I'm a regular listener to her show.
  4. They know me-I'm a regular customer.
  5. This company is our regular customer.
  6. A light flashed at regular intervals.
  7. He is one of the regular callers here.
  8. The store has a lot of regular customers.
  9. We are in regular communication by letter.
  10. There are regular buses to the city centre.
  11. The equipment is checked on a regular basis.
  12. The restaurant has a large regular clientele.
  13. There is a regular bus service to the airport.
  14. At your age, you should have regular check-ups.
  15. It is important to carry out regular stock checks.
  16. He has a regular slot on the late-night programme.
  17. We can't guarantee our workers' regular employment.
  18. The special TV report disrupted regular programming.
  19. The equipment sent out a regular high-pitched signal.
  20. The proportion of regular smokers increases with age.
  21. She writes a regular column for a national newspaper.
  22. Only 10% of American adults engage in regular exercise.
  23. There are regular train services to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

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