Use of set in Sentences. 20 Examples

The examples include set at the start of sentence, set at the end of sentence and set in the middle of sentence

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set at the start of sentence

  1. Set my case over the shelves.

set in the middle of sentence

  1. We set sail at high tide.
  2. The rainy season has set in.
  3. He set the dry leaves alight.
  4. The movie is set in the future.
  5. The judgment set a new precedent.
  6. I forgot to set the burglar alarm.
  7. He proposed to set off immediately.
  8. Three million dollars was set aside.
  9. The posts have to be set in concrete.
  10. He set a vase of flowers on the table.
  11. If you love someone,then set him free.
  12. A candle had set the curtains on fire.
  13. The sun was already up when they set off.
  14. I've set my alarm clock for six tomorrow.
  15. The tiara was set with diamonds and rubies.
  16. The bomb had been set with a four-hour fuse.
  17. Cars and buses were set ablaze during the riot.
  18. Strauss set several of Mackay's lyrics to music.
  19. People set off fireworks and tooted their car horns.

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