Use of habitual in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include habitual at the start of sentence, habitual at the end of sentence and habitual in the middle of sentence

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habitual at the start of sentence

  1. Habitual overeating had distended the boy's stomach.

habitual at the end of sentence

  1. His drinking had become habitual.

habitual in the middle of sentence

  1. He is a habitual criminal.
  2. It was his habitual turn of phrase.
  3. They waited for his habitual response.
  4. She sat smoking her habitual cigarette.
  5. He suddenly dropped his habitual banter.
  6. They are habitual visitors to our house.
  7. Many of the prisoners are habitual liars.
  8. He soon recovered his habitual geniality.
  9. That habitual criminal has been locked away.
  10. Ice and snow are a habitual sight in the north.
  11. His boss discharged him for habitual absenteeism.
  12. Even close friends considered him a habitual liar.
  13. But first he had to inhibit his habitual responses.
  14. James took his habitual morning walk around the garden.
  15. They accept his habitual interruptions with good grace.
  16. If bad posture becomes habitual, you risk long-term effects.
  17. He's been taken to task for his habitual lack of punctuality.
  18. He's a habitual smoker--he always has a cigarette while having dinner.
  19. My father was a habitual gambler, until my mother packed her bags and threatened to leave.
  20. The court heard that Mantack was a habitual gambler dealing in tens of thousands of pounds.
  21. It is estimated that as many as half the young men in the community are habitual drug users.
  22. The new law will ensure that habitual criminals receive tougher punishments than first-time offenders.
  23. He watched her intently as she per-formed this habitual act-then climbed into her lap and let her hold him.
  24. His habitual amount of sleep had been five to seven hours a night, with a half-hour siesta in the afternoon.
  25. Tony's habitual laziness became even more extreme in winter, and he would sometimes stay in bed until mid afternoon.
  26. But her blankness, the blankness of her silhouette as Peggy stands in her habitual pose against the windows, suggested it.
  27. The child develops new means to ends through experimentation rather than through the application of habitual, previously formed schemata.

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