Use of typical in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include typical at the start of sentence, typical at the end of sentence and typical in the middle of sentence

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typical in the middle of sentence

  1. It was typical of her to forget.
  2. This is your typical English pub.
  3. I was your typical lanky teenager.
  4. The picture is typical of its kind.
  5. This painting is typical of his work.
  6. This meal is typical of local cookery.
  7. It is typical of him to take hard jobs.
  8. Is this behaviour typical of the male sex?
  9. I visualized him as a typical businessman.
  10. Botswana is not a typical African country.
  11. This is a typical example of Roman pottery.
  12. This painting is typical of his early work.
  13. It's not typical of Gill to be so critical.
  14. The weather at the moment is not typical for July.
  15. Write a very brief description of a typical problem.
  16. 'Commit a crime' is a typical collocation in English.
  17. With typical energy he found new journalistic outlets.
  18. She gave an equivocal answer, typical of a politician.
  19. They plan to recreate a typical English village in Japan.
  20. He is a typical pupil; he is like most of the other pupils.
  21. An eight-hour working day is still typical for many people.
  22. You must not take this attitude as typical of English people.
  23. It's a typical action film with plenty of spectacular stunts.
  24. She is a typical Taurus/Taurean/has a typical Taurean personality.
  25. The villagers displayed the typical narrow-mindedness of a small community.
  26. 'Anyone else would have done the same thing,' he said with typical modesty.
  27. Cheney is everyone's image of a typical cop: a big white guy, six foot, 220 pounds.
  28. The typical family structure of Freud's patients involved two parents and two children.
  29. It's a typical country estate with a large house for the owner, farm buildings and estate workers' houses.

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