Use of geographical in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include geographical at the start of sentence, geographical at the end of sentence and geographical in the middle of sentence

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geographical at the end of sentence

  1. The most obvious limitation on migration was geographical.

geographical in the middle of sentence

  1. The survey covers a wide geographical area.
  2. A new geographical pattern began to take shape.
  3. These birds have a wide geographical distribution.
  4. The geographical area where each sale was made; 6.
  5. Yet his geographical location worked in his favor.
  6. The geographical spread of the observers is skewed.
  7. We also looked for a geographical spread of writers.
  8. Remote sensing and geographical information systems.
  9. The current survey will have a wider geographical spread.
  10. They studied the geographical distribution of the disease.
  11. The enrolment criteria are geographical rather than academic.
  12. Many other animals show similar geographical variation in size.
  13. These can vary dramatically within quite small geographical areas.
  14. A geographical Information System provides just such capabilities.
  15. This was partly thanks to Sparta's protected geographical position.
  16. Those criteria include sibling priority and geographical proximity.
  17. Political stability. geographical location and thus ease of access.
  18. The police demarcated the city into eighteen geographical divisions.
  19. The geographical scope of product markets has widened since the war.
  20. The company has a good geographical spread of hotels in this country.
  21. Steamboats, railways and telegraphs broke down geographical isolation.
  22. For satellite communications, geographical boundary lines are irrelevant.
  23. Nothing in these commercials signifies geographical or cultural realities.
  24. The geographical position of the frontier fluctuated with the fortunes of war .
  25. These immigrants face problems of geographical distance and cultural isolation.
  26. Because of its geographical isolation, the area developed its own unique culture.
  27. The geographical spread of the industry in the 16th century is hard to ascertain, for much of it is poorly recorded.
  28. Because of its geographical position, Germany's perspective on the situation in Eastern Europe is rather different from Britain's.

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