Use of accustomed in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include accustomed at the start of sentence, accustomed at the end of sentence and accustomed in the middle of sentence

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accustomed in the middle of sentence

  1. I am accustomed to humble fare.
  2. Long use has accustomed me to it.
  3. She was not accustomed to entreat.
  4. Have you grown accustomed to Japan?
  5. He was well accustomed to hard work.
  6. We were accustomed to working together.
  7. He took his accustomed seat by the fire.
  8. These people are accustomed to hard work.
  9. This is his accustomed hour to go to bed.
  10. The pans were in their accustomed places.
  11. Freed acted with his accustomed shrewdness.
  12. My eyes slowly grew accustomed to the dark.
  13. He has become accustomed to his new duties.
  14. My eyes slowly grew accustomed to the gloom.
  15. She has got accustomed to this sort of work.
  16. My eyes were becoming accustomed to the gloom.
  17. I'm not accustomed to being treated like this.
  18. She had grown accustomed to his long absences.
  19. He quickly became accustomed to the local food.
  20. She quickly accustomed herself to the darkness.
  21. The young man has been accustomed to hard work.
  22. She quickly became accustomed to his messy ways.
  23. He quickly accustomed himself to this new way of life.
  24. American consumers are accustomed to hunting out bargains.
  25. Bradley is still accustomed to travelling everywhere in style.
  26. He was not accustomed to political or philosophical discussions.
  27. Foot-ballers are accustomed to profiting handsomely from bonuses.
  28. I was accustomed to being the only child at a table full of adults.
  29. The team has accustomed itself to the pace of first division rugby.

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