Use of trip in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include trip at the start of sentence, trip at the end of sentence and trip in the middle of sentence

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trip at the end of sentence

  1. He has called off the trip.
  2. Will 10 suffice for the trip?
  3. He has gone on a business trip.
  4. She told me every detail of her trip.
  5. His wife accompanied him on the trip.
  6. Hoping you will have a pleasant trip!
  7. When did she return home from the trip?
  8. Did you have good weather on your trip?
  9. We have to count out John for tomorrow's trip.
  10. He descanted endlessly upon the wonders of his trip.
  11. He was getting excited just thinking about the trip.
  12. Don't follow others' steps when making your own trip.

trip in the middle of sentence

  1. Your own lies will trip you up.
  2. She cancelled her trip to Paris.
  3. They took a trip down the river.
  4. A trip to India may be in the wind.
  5. We went on a day trip to the seaside.
  6. She started on her trip yesterday morning.
  7. He postponed his trip at the eleventh hour.
  8. The school trip has become an annual event.
  9. Our camping trip was spoilt by bad weather.
  10. The trip calls for careful advance planning.
  11. She managed to fiddle a free trip to America.
  12. Long trailing flexes are a serious trip hazard.
  13. The fully inclusive fare for the trip is £42.
  14. The trip was cancelled through lack of interest.
  15. He had miscalculated how long the trip would take.
  16. His trip through the world made an interesting narrative.

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