Use of tumble in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include tumble at the start of sentence, tumble at the end of sentence and tumble in the middle of sentence

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tumble at the end of sentence

  1. It was just a bit of rough and tumble.
  2. Orders are not met; stock prices can tumble.
  3. The kittens were engaged in a little rough and tumble.

tumble in the middle of sentence

  1. That's quite a tumble you took.
  2. Don't tumble your underclothes.
  3. He enjoys rough and tumble play.
  4. He took a tumble down the stairs.
  5. Oil prices took a tumble yesterday.
  6. Waterfalls crash and tumble over rocks.
  7. Children tumble over each other in play.
  8. When did she tumble to what was going on?
  9. She enjoys the rough and tumble of politics.
  10. He injured his ribs in a tumble from his horse.
  11. Then the loosened masonry began to tumble again.
  12. The jockey took a nasty tumble at the third fence.
  13. At any moment the whole building could tumble down.
  14. It's possible that stocks could take a tumble next year.
  15. Many mothers and children tumble into poverty after divorce.
  16. The outer walls looked likely to tumble down in a stiff wind.
  17. She had a nasty tumble on her way to work and grazed her arm.
  18. All the pups were having a rough - and - tumble in the garden.
  19. Share prices took a sharp tumble following news of the merger.
  20. Share prices continued to tumble today on the Tokyo stock market.
  21. Ever and again they heard the same cry from the tumble - down building.
  22. The toddlers often join in the rough and tumble of the older children's games.
  23. After a lifetime in politics he knows all about the rough and tumble of public life.
  24. Torrents of lava would not tumble out to force fire down his throat, torch his tongue.
  25. Company profits took a tumble last year, a spokesperson said, because of investment in new machinery.

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