Use of tour in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include tour at the start of sentence, tour at the end of sentence and tour in the middle of sentence

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tour at the end of sentence

  1. They have gone on a tour.
  2. He has gone on a walking tour.
  3. Is there a sightseeing bus tour?
  4. The group will shortly go on a ten-city European tour.
  5. Tickets are selling well for the group's upcoming concert tour.

tour in the middle of sentence

  1. I'd like a tour by taxi.
  2. My tour lasted two months.
  3. I suggest a tour of the museum.
  4. We met on a coach tour in Italy.
  5. She plans to tour about the world.
  6. She had misread a date in the tour Book.
  7. We went on a tour of the house and grounds .
  8. The orchestra is currently on tour in Germany.
  9. He found the rigours of the tour too demanding.
  10. The highlight of our tour was seeing the palace.
  11. A bus took us on a sightseeing tour of the city.
  12. The tour included a visit to the Science Museum.
  13. We are going on a tour of the city this afternoon.
  14. My brother has just left Sydney for a tour of the world.
  15. The rugby tour was a disaster both on and off the pitch.
  16. Included in the tour is an excursion to the Grand Canyon.
  17. Sightseeing is best done either by tour bus or by bicycles.
  18. The show will tour the provinces after it closes in London.
  19. The theatre company make a tour of the country every winter.
  20. To assuage his wife's grief, he took her on a tour of Europe.
  21. We went on a tour of the city's bars and had a rare old time.
  22. He told us that the tour was pencilled in for the following March.
  23. After exploring the old part of town there is a guided tour of the cathedral.
  24. Sometimes, love is like a tour. You stop in many places, but there is always one that is your favorite.

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