Use of spree in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include spree at the start of sentence, spree at the end of sentence and spree in the middle of sentence

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spree at the end of sentence

  1. He's out on a spree.
  2. Let's go on a shopping spree.
  3. He's gone on a drinking spree.
  4. They went on a drinking spree .
  5. This is my first shopping spree.
  6. She's out on a mad spending spree.
  7. Gold Cup punter found dead after drinking spree.
  8. She won £10 000 and immediately went on a shopping spree.
  9. They stole thousands of pounds' worth of goods in a two-day shoplifting spree.
  10. In the national betting holiday just past, teen-agers were full players in the spree.
  11. We had such great fun collecting the toys because we bought them on days off when we were out on a spree.
  12. In contrast Stanley's usually made the inspired calculations of a good invitation side out for a scoring spree.
  13. That night John escaped from the oppressive gloom of Sloane Crescent and embarked on an evening-long drinking spree.

spree in the middle of sentence

  1. Uruguay's scoring spree began in the fourth minute.
  2. I went on a drinking/shopping/spending spree on Saturday.
  3. Ian Woodner's wholesale spending spree ended with his death.
  4. Columbia's recent spending spree has partly been paid for by Sony.
  5. The boys went on a two-day spending spree with the stolen credit cards.
  6. I went on a shopping spree at the weekend and spent far too much money.
  7. Some Americans went on a spending spree in December to beat the new tax.
  8. They murdered fifteen boys in a killing spree across southern California.
  9. After her shoplifting spree she lived in mortal dread of being found out.
  10. But if the spending spree stays at the same pace, even more money will be needed later.
  11. Twenty people were shot dead in the city making it the worst killing spree since the riots.
  12. Their spree of corporate takeovers is, for the most part, wildly ill-advised and poorly executed.
  13. Nelson, who scored five points during the run, closed the Gators' scoring spree with an inside basket.
  14. Jonathan Dyson started the scoring spree by making a 43-yard reception on the Eagles' second play from scrimmage.
  15. The spending spree in the west was mirrored by falling shop sales in east Berlin: almost 20 percent compared with 1989.
  16. During the boom years of the 1980s the Duke of Westminter's company embarked on a building spree, especially in Mayfair.

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