Use of expedition in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include expedition at the start of sentence, expedition at the end of sentence and expedition in the middle of sentence

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expedition at the end of sentence

  1. He is the commander of an expedition.
  2. He is the commander of the expedition.
  3. Who will find money for the expedition?
  4. They equipped themselves for the expedition.
  5. She was about to embark on a major expedition.
  6. We need to find sponsorship for the expedition.
  7. He learned a lot during his scientific expedition.
  8. I think we've chosen the right person to lead the expedition.
  9. He was always modest about his role in the Everest expedition.
  10. His lecture was illustrated with slides taken during the expedition.

expedition in the middle of sentence

  1. The expedition covered a lot of ground.
  2. The expedition was dogged by misfortune.
  3. They organized an expedition to Everest.
  4. She led an expedition into the interior.
  5. The expedition was bedevilled by bad weather.
  6. The mastermind of the expedition was a Frenchman.
  7. We're going on a shopping expedition on Saturday.
  8. He was accompanied on the expedition by his wife.
  9. He was on an expedition to explore the Antarctic.
  10. Food supplies are running low in the expedition team.
  11. We must fit the expedition out with the best equipment.
  12. The scientists will go on an expedition to the South Pole.
  13. The expedition set out for the upper reaches of the Amazon.
  14. Amundsen's expedition was the first to reach the South Pole.
  15. He decided to postpone the expedition until the following day.
  16. The expedition was abandoned because of adverse weather conditions.
  17. A new Danish expedition is again excavating the site in annual summer digs.
  18. Finally, the great expedition set off for the long journey to the Holy Land.
  19. In response, Charles VI sent a punitive expedition to Brittany, raping and killing the populace.

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