Use of excursion in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include excursion at the start of sentence, excursion at the end of sentence and excursion in the middle of sentence

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excursion at the end of sentence

  1. He shepherded us on an excursion.
  2. Next week we're going on an excursion.
  3. Our boss loves to bike for an excursion.
  4. She felt more than usually hungry after her excursion.

excursion in the middle of sentence

  1. We went on an excursion to the city.
  2. They've gone on an excursion to York.
  3. We went by excursion train to Weymouth.
  4. We went on an excursion to the Pyramids.
  5. But why this excursion into the distant past?
  6. He took us on an excursion to the ruined city.
  7. The excursion was the high spot of our holiday.
  8. Our class will make an excursion to the seaside.
  9. This year's annual excursion will be to Lincoln.
  10. Another pleasant excursion is Malaga, 18 miles away.
  11. We decided to make an all-day excursion to the island.
  12. The excursion won't cost you a penny if you go with us.
  13. The tour includes an three-day excursion to Disneyland.
  14. Included in the tour is an excursion to the Grand Canyon.
  15. I have arranged with my classmates for an excursion to the beach.
  16. In Bermuda, Sam's father took him on an excursion to a coral barrier.
  17. He led his last field excursion to Anglesey at the age of eighty-six.
  18. His first excursion from the house took him no farther than the garden.
  19. A teacher by profession, this is her first excursion into writing for the theatre.
  20. Normally, walking along tarmac is a piece of cake after the rocky excursion along a ridge.
  21. After a brief excursion into drama, he concentrated on his main interest, which was poetry.
  22. There is good snorkelling and swimming and the excursion usually includes a barbecue lunch.
  23. Ryder Cup captain Bernard Gallacher, on a rare playing excursion, showed he can still fight with the best.
  24. The cover story recalls the Armagh railway disaster of June 1889 when 80 people died on an excursion train bound for Warrenpoint.
  25. The anthropological excursion which they undertook was there to show the arbitrariness, the contextual, relative nature of these concepts.

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