Use of outing in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include outing at the start of sentence, outing at the end of sentence and outing in the middle of sentence

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outing at the end of sentence

  1. They are planning for an outing.
  2. This is like a Sunday-school outing.
  3. We were all very happy to have an outing.
  4. Given good weather, we will have an outing.
  5. Ware pensioners get ready for their outing.
  6. And every Wednesday you go on a dinner outing.
  7. Three couples celebrating a happy family outing.
  8. Now that's what they call a bank holiday outing.
  9. In view of the weather, we will cancel the outing.

outing in the middle of sentence

  1. The outing will do me good.
  2. It would be an outing for them.
  3. We went on an outing to London.
  4. The choir outing was wholly different.
  5. This outing was a prelude to many more.
  6. A family outing in the four-wheel-drive vehicle.
  7. The children were on a day's outing from school.
  8. A special outing with the Sunday school children.
  9. The couple agreed on a further weekend outing together.
  10. It's a pity the weather isn't better for our outing today.
  11. A family's outing ended in tragedy when their boat capsized.
  12. They had gone on an outing to the pool for Robert's birthday.
  13. One evening, she made a rare outing to the local discotheque.
  14. Winter treat Planning a pre-Christmas outing for the children?
  15. We went for an outing that included a picnic and a volleyball game.
  16. Rosie's going on a class/school outing to the Museum of Modern Art.
  17. The idea behind the outing is to encourage employees to get to know each other.
  18. The gay and lesbian rights group, Stonewall, sees outing as completely unhelpful.
  19. Playing against Zebre in England's first outing, he suffered a whiplash injury to his neck.
  20. They made detailed plans for an outing, but they reckoned without the possibility of inclement weather.

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