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jaunt at the end of sentence

  1. Miss Earhart had visited my home and while there, we decided to take a little jaunt.
  2. But his attitude was positive as he returned to Obergurgl for the first time in years for our jaunt.
  3. They know that with a little creativity a treadmill workout can be just as satisfying as an outdoor jaunt.
  4. Again, I hear the smack of collusion between Johnson and Boswell in their separate accounts of their Highland jaunt.

jaunt in the middle of sentence

  1. She's gone on a jaunt into town.
  2. They are off for a day's jaunt to the beach.
  3. You know, a little jaunt to break the monotony.
  4. This lunch-hour world tour ends with a jaunt to Baja.
  5. His fiancee plans a tourist jaunt with a girl friend.
  6. They jaunt about quite a lot, especially during the summer.
  7. And that's all we brought back from this expensive jaunt of ours, boy.
  8. The picture was taken on their first jaunt before their children were born.
  9. The song feels right, apropos to a midnight jaunt, a walk with a good friend.
  10. AFTER Barack Obama's first long jaunt abroad as president, Americans are in two minds.
  11. Those wishing to hear the music at its home should join Flying's annual club jaunt to Rimini.
  12. Who, on a Sunday jaunt to the shore or mountains, has not pitied some self - employed drudge?
  13. To prepare for her jaunt with the 3 1 / 2-pound torch, she has been jogging with 3-pound weights.
  14. In his first year Mr Kouchner had to swallow a five-day jaunt to Paris by Libya's Muammar Qaddafi.
  15. Our heroes set off on a harmless jaunt, but end up far below the surface, chased by a clownish madman.
  16. For this jaunt down sexual lane, we're wrapping our scientific hands around controversial notions of female sexuality.
  17. Whether a four-day trip or an afternoon jaunt, whether you take the wheel yourself or hire a driver, your route is out there.
  18. On a late-night jaunt through downtown, one is as likely to hear European techno as the native rhythms of cumbia or vallenato music.
  19. But, again, you need to make certain that you child has both the attention span and the ability to make his or her way a shopping jaunt with you.
  20. After a presentation, they paired up, picked one of the 20 cars parked curbside, and drove away for an all-day jaunt through the Hudson River Valley.
  21. Although the spa offers other activities, its centerpiece is hiking, which can mean anything from a leisurely nature jaunt to an arduous trek up a mountain.
  22. A full week would be better, allowing decent stopovers in Marseille, Nice, La Spezia (for an offshoot railway jaunt to the Cinque Terre coastal villages) and Pisa.
  23. Mr. Cohen's recent jaunt to Beijing was intended to convince the Chinese government that it must decisively curtail its ties to Tehran, or face real economic costs.
  24. I've just returned from what is likely to be the most harrowing investigative jaunt of my career, a four-day slog through teeming streets filled with screaming children.
  25. Whether a short jaunt to a nearby bed and breakfast or a more adventurous outing across the country it's a nice way to rejuvenate your spirit and connect with your husband.

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