Use of header in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include header at the start of sentence, header at the end of sentence and header in the middle of sentence

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header at the end of sentence

  1. He scored with a neat header.
  2. Patton was just off target with a header.
  3. Each sample of script collected begins with an optional header.
  4. Yeovil's first came in the 31st minute when Paul Wilson scored with a low diving header.
  5. The only requirement regarding the software itself is that each file should contain a module header.
  6. Kenny, that set-piece specialist, delivered the corner and in came Glendinning, to power the header.
  7. Derek Ferguson gave him the ball and the striker swung in a low cross which invited a diving header.

header in the middle of sentence

  1. He powered his header past the goalie.
  2. The first, a Scott header from a Brock corner looked bad.
  3. The header gives the page number and date of the document.
  4. A savagely funny double header providing some of the answers!
  5. Waiting to pounce was Nigel Quigley with a header into the net.
  6. A plumb bob is useful to check the alignment of the header with the sill.
  7. A clever low header by Shearer gave Newell his first goal after 53 minutes.
  8. Leaburn's header looked a goal, but Veysey just managed to put it on to the post.
  9. It allows a separate header text file to point to the file or files to be stored.
  10. Since these may be binary files or indexed files, the header file is created separately.
  11. Pears pulled off the save of the match from a Garry Nelson header in the opening minutes.
  12. These conditions are frequently found in cooling towers, hot water systems and header tanks.
  13. Users are, however, urged always to use the latest version of the header when entering modules.
  14. Kevin Wilson was given space by Clarke's precise header to beat Strakosha with a low cross shot.
  15. It corresponds to the order in which they are described, otherwise the module header will not scan.
  16. Finally, with Arsenal pressing hard, he clawed away Quinn's careful header from Thomas's drag-back.
  17. McCoist's header fell invitingly to Hateley, who was lurking on the edge of the Leeds penalty area.
  18. But with only five minutes left Swindon equalised with a fine header from Shearer to force a second replay.
  19. Wright conceded a corner after tipping over Johnson's header and Wark rose unmarked to head home the equaliser.
  20. Steve Walsh glanced a header across to Joachim who planted the ball past Mike Salmon with such force he stood no chance.
  21. O'Connell's header found Graham completely unmarked inside the penalty box but Goram did enough to touch the ball on to the bar.
  22. The following information specifies all the keywords of a module header, and the required and optional user-supplied information.

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