Use of slogan in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include slogan at the start of sentence, slogan at the end of sentence and slogan in the middle of sentence

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slogan at the end of sentence

  1. 'Power to the people' is their slogan.
  2. We need to come up with a snappier slogan.
  3. Can you give us any suggestions for a slogan?
  4. The Socialists tried to trump this with their slogan.
  5. They met; he found her company agreeable, she found him a new slogan.
  6. This must be a deliberate decision on the part of Benetton, in order to complement their slogan.

slogan in the middle of sentence

  1. Such a slogan will bind us hand and foot.
  2. Such a slogan will bind our hand and foot.
  3. The advertising slogan was a play on words.
  4. The slogan is a pun on the name of the product.
  5. The slogan was a pun on the name of the product.
  6. But now that faithful old slogan has been dropped.
  7. Her company's over-used slogan always tickled him.
  8. There you can see the slogan written up on the wall.
  9. Your slogan will be judged on its originality and style.
  10. They fought the election on the slogan "The time has come".
  11. They could campaign on the slogan "We'll take less of your money".
  12. Bloomingdale's has as its slogan 'Like no other store in the world'.
  13. Write a tiebreaker slogan saying why you would like to visit New York.
  14. 'Liberte, egalite, fraternite' was the slogan of the French Revolution.
  15. That, next to law enforcement, is the biggest bunk slogan ever invented.
  16. They're looking for a snappy slogan to communicate the campaign's message.
  17. At first there was some disagreement about what the slogan actually meant.
  18. It seems to me a healthy slogan; and it summons up a cheerful and invigorating mood.
  19. Partnership became his slogan - the partnership of public and private brains and money.
  20. Her campaign slogan, "a president for the people", was pleasantly alliterative but empty.
  21. Andy Warhol's provocative slogan, 'Everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes', became a sixties byword.
  22. Hence the portentous, and even fatuous slogan which towered each year in brightest blue above the rostrum.
  23. He was, ironically, among the first persons to shout the slogan everyone later attributed solely to Stokeley CarmichaelBlack Power!

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