Use of heading in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include heading at the start of sentence, heading at the end of sentence and heading in the middle of sentence

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heading at the start of sentence

  1. Heading away from the mountains, I soon found an easier path leading downhill to the village.

heading in the middle of sentence

  1. The wheat is heading out.
  2. Where are you heading for?
  3. What time are you heading off?
  4. The ship was heading for Cuba.
  5. The boat was heading out to sea.
  6. The sand boat was heading inshore.
  7. What heading does this come under?
  8. Is the world heading for disaster?
  9. He cast off, heading out to the bay.
  10. The boat was heading for some rocks.
  11. A car swished by heading for the coast.
  12. What heading do these items fall under?
  13. I'm heading for sunnier climes next month.
  14. Take the N1 motorway heading west from Bern.
  15. They were heading towards the German border.
  16. By dusk we were dog-tired and heading for home.
  17. We saw him heading for us, so we stepped aside.
  18. They look as though they're heading for divorce.
  19. They're heading for disaster if they're not careful.
  20. This falls under the heading of scientific research.
  21. By 09.30 we had cast off and were heading down-river.
  22. They detoured around the traffic jam by heading south.
  23. I've heard a whisper that they're heading for divorce.
  24. We're heading for a catastrophe of enormous dimensions.
  25. The coach driver made several pickups before heading for the airport.
  26. Union leaders are heading for victory in their battle over workplace rights.
  27. Researchers have determined that heading a football can cause permanent injury.
  28. What heading does the subject on the common share of information resources come under?

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