Use of title in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include title at the start of sentence, title at the end of sentence and title in the middle of sentence

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title at the end of sentence

  1. Has anyone got any suggestions for a title?
  2. Three players are in contention to win the title.
  3. There's been some fierce competition for the title.
  4. Publication dates are given in brackets after each title.
  5. After the Duke's death, his eldest son claimed the title.
  6. With no direct descendent, who will succeed to the title?
  7. There are three world - class tennis players contending for this title.

title in the middle of sentence

  1. The title is in bold print.
  2. Has he any title to the land?
  3. The title of this play is 'Othello'.
  4. We need a snappy title for the book.
  5. He played the title role in'Hamlet '.
  6. You have no title to ask for our support.
  7. She has sung the title role in 'Carmen' .
  8. The title of the novel is "Sons and Lovers".
  9. This is a manuscript bearing as a title Ruth.
  10. The team reclaimed the title from their rivals.
  11. I don't know the title but I recognize the tune.
  12. She retained her tennis title for the third year.
  13. The title passes by inheritance to the eldest son.
  14. The reigning champion will defend her title tonight.
  15. He will inherit the title on the death of his uncle.
  16. Any lingering hopes of winning the title soon disappeared.
  17. His poems were published under the title of 'Love and Reason'.
  18. The title of Evelyn Waugh's first novel was 'Decline and Fall'.
  19. Knight was the top title for field soldiers during the Middle Ages.
  20. Hibernian clinched the First Division title when they beat Hamilton 2-0.
  21. Despite winning the title, their last campaign ended in great disappointment.
  22. They come from Tuam, a place they refer to on the title track of their album, 'All the Way From Tuam'.

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