Use of footer in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include footer at the start of sentence, footer at the end of sentence and footer in the middle of sentence

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footer at the end of sentence

  1. My brother is a six - footer.
  2. Recent comment, recent post and popular post at footer.
  3. To create a watermark that appears on every page in a document, insert a drawing object in a header or footer.
  4. The default header includes the filename and file creation date and time, along with a page number and two lines of blank footer.

footer in the middle of sentence

  1. A four footer would be better.
  2. Often they are in footer of the page as well.
  3. The footer gives the page number of the document.
  4. Finally add your footer information to the footer area.
  5. Clickable footer that display and select the today date.
  6. The footer is displayed on each page spanned by a table.
  7. Added controls in the footer to handle the search operation.
  8. Here's a 7 - footer and a 7 - 6 guy, they fell down, a collision.
  9. Are there any little animated creatures in the footer of this email?
  10. Standard 15 footers are available for those with large suburban yards.
  11. Index not allowed in footnote endnote , header , footer, or annotation.
  12. To alter the margins, headers and footers, and other details select Page Setup.
  13. Enable the showing of the footer area of the table to place the command button.
  14. The athletic ability for a 7 footer is asinine. He's going to be great, not good.
  15. The content to be verified could be a page footer, metatags and header, and so on.
  16. Create components of type Style for header, footer and body components, on each page.
  17. Then it generates an HTML file by an wrapping HTML header and footer around the list file.
  18. Nested tables are in the header or footer and the nested tables are formatted to wrap text.
  19. The page footer contains the user's user ID and the date/time when the invoice was prepared.
  20. The new column has a header cell at the top, a data cell in the middle, and a footer cell at the bottom.
  21. footers start printing on the last text line, with additional footer lines running into the bottom margin.
  22. A spell checker, word count feature and thesaurus are all included and the program can handle headers and footers.
  23. Enable the showing of the footer area for the policy data table so that you can place the command button (Figure 28).
  24. grid.css –A grid CSS file can have your layout structure (and act as the wireframe of your site, by defining the basic header, footer, and column set up).

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