Use of footnote in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include footnote at the start of sentence, footnote at the end of sentence and footnote in the middle of sentence

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footnote at the start of sentence

  1. Footnote 4 has served as a cornerstone of contemporary constitutional law in the field of individual rights.

footnote at the end of sentence

  1. The asterisk refers the reader to a footnote.
  2. It was now that Popham Down wrote his footnote.
  3. But for today's legionnaires Franco is little more than a footnote.
  4. And the moral of it all, I suppose, is: Never take fright at a footnote.
  5. But Bill assumes a lot if he thinks it is going to warrant more than a footnote.
  6. I don't see this affair as anything more than an interesting historical footnote.

footnote in the middle of sentence

  1. There was an interesting footnote to the story.
  2. There was an ironic footnote to the story, however.
  3. We don't have any helpful little footnote explaining why.
  4. I'm afraid that his name will now become a footnote in history.
  5. The footnote gave a word for word translation of the quotation.
  6. It turns up as a footnote in every textbook and training manual.
  7. Carvey on film is mostly a footnote, a smudge, an embarrassment.
  8. The incident seems destined to become a mere footnote in history.
  9. Tommie's footnote in Eighth Air Force history typified its spirit.
  10. The author appends a short footnote to the text explaining the point.
  11. His tumultuous triumph 5 years ago now seems a mere footnote in history.
  12. A felicitous footnote to that incident is that he got his cake after all.
  13. This total dollar allowance is usually listed in a footnote to the balance sheet.
  14. A regional footnote - the lumberjack-style Timberland boot was a big hit in the Eighties.
  15. He caricatured her as an obsessive spinster, and she became a footnote in biographies of Wells.
  16. As a footnote, I should add that there was one point on which his bravado was more than justified.
  17. In the end the Albertos are a colourful footnote to the sometimes self-conscious rock culture of the 70s.
  18. As a footnote to the Assembly and Convention periods, it is worth making two points about the Democratic Unionists.
  19. A Maslow footnote sent me to the library to browse through books on the creative processes of mathematicians and scientists.
  20. Melville adds as a footnote that the oil from the whale is used in the most important ceremonies including most coronations.
  21. News of the professor's departure was a single sentence at the bottom of a footnote in a holiday-period ministry press release.
  22. Light is converted into chemical energy which in turn is reconverted by combustion or decay into organic energy. footnote omitted Fig.5.

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