Use of pedestrian in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include pedestrian at the start of sentence, pedestrian at the end of sentence and pedestrian in the middle of sentence

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pedestrian at the start of sentence

  1. Pedestrian accidents are down by 5%.

pedestrian at the end of sentence

  1. His speech was long and pedestrian.
  2. Life in the suburbs can be pretty pedestrian.
  3. The speeding car barely missed the pedestrian.
  4. The car mounted the kerb and knocked over a pedestrian.
  5. Her books, with few exceptions, are workmanlike but pedestrian.

pedestrian in the middle of sentence

  1. He was rather a pedestrian student.
  2. He ran through the pedestrian subway.
  3. The pedestrian stopped at the curbside.
  4. I traversed the narrow pedestrian bridge.
  5. The pedestrian signal had turned to green.
  6. She was mown down on a pedestrian crossing.
  7. In Los Angeles a pedestrian is a rare spectacle.
  8. The criminal pushed a pedestrian down and ran away
  9. The city built a pedestrian overpass over the highway.
  10. New pedestrian pathways are being built alongside the road.
  11. The driver was slanging a pedestrian who had got in his way.
  12. The second concern was the shortage of pedestrian crossings.
  13. His style is so pedestrian that the book becomes a real bore.
  14. The lorry driver escaped unhurt, but a pedestrian was injured.
  15. The Centre was a pedestrian precinct with a bandstand in the middle.
  16. We have had repeated requests for a pedestrian crossing near the school.
  17. Her latest play is more pedestrian and less ambitious than her earlier work.
  18. The pedestrian who had nearly been run over reported the incident to the police.
  19. The jockey collided with a pedestrian, knocked himself out and is sidelined with concussion.
  20. The plan entails rerouting traffic through a tunnel to create a vast pedestrian area around Al-Azhar.
  21. The project could include a pedestrian bridge over Valley Parkway that would allow easy access to the arts center and City Hall.
  22. Crime statistics, pedestrian activity and public perceptions of security will all be monitored before and after scheme installation.
  23. He jumped like a man who'd been zapped with 1 0see also pedestrian CROSSING, PELICAN CROSSINGapping through some modern novels at the moment.

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