Use of subtitle in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include subtitle at the start of sentence, subtitle at the end of sentence and subtitle in the middle of sentence

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subtitle at the start of sentence

  1. Subtitle I'll take part in any exhibition you have.
  2. Subtitle you are still quarreling. That makes me uneasy.
  3. Subtitle Z lives far from here , we don't have enough time.
  4. Subtitle We must establish close relationships with critics and journalists.

subtitle at the end of sentence

  1. His new book has a subtitle.
  2. Hey, wasn't there a subtitle?

subtitle in the middle of sentence

  1. The opera's subtitle is 'The School for Lovers'.
  2. In 1815 Wordsworth added a subtitle - or Poverty.
  3. Allows you to select target subtitle and audio track.
  4. Ah! I don't know why they don't subtitle these movies.
  5. It allows you to select target subtitle and audio track.
  6. Please limit the subtitle of your dissertation to twenty words.
  7. "Kathleen" was, as its 1892 subtitle asserted, "An Irish Drama".
  8. First open this program, and then read the movie and subtitle file.
  9. Sometimes a subtitle gives you more information read the main title.
  10. Customized settings: you may select subtitle and audio track freely.
  11. Therefore, the subtitle translation of this film deserves investigation.
  12. Distribution of this subtitle for commercial usage is strictly prohibited.
  13. The remaining provisions of subtitle C relate to standards and enforcement.
  14. Here, not the city's colorful, yes, just a subtitle Qingqing brightly luminous.
  15. The Core Pocket Media Player SUBS subtitle Plugin complete code, has been tested.
  16. None would quibble with the subtitle: Reflections on a life of happiness and fun.
  17. Put a colon between the title and the subtitle, even if there isn't one in the original.
  18. Instead he went to work for Famous Players-Lasky, first as a subtitle writer and then as a screenwriter.
  19. Whoever suggested the grandiose title and subtitle of this book was looking down the wrong end of a microscope.
  20. Vector font: professionally optimized vector fonts, more beautiful subtitles, greatly fix the problem of subtitle missing.
  21. The discs accommodate eight language tracks, 32 subtitle tracks and provisions for alternate endings and multiple camera angles.
  22. Man Without a Country (subtitle: A Memoir of Life in George W Bush's America) is a collection of essays published in 2005 by the author Kurt Vonnegut.

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