Use of legend in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include legend at the start of sentence, legend at the end of sentence and legend in the middle of sentence

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legend at the start of sentence

  1. Legend has it that the lake was formed by the tears of a god.

legend at the end of sentence

  1. This is a popular legend.
  2. The play was based on Irish legend.
  3. His deeds have passed into legend .
  4. His music has made him a living legend.
  5. The castle is steeped in history and legend.
  6. The incident has since become a family legend.
  7. Her daring work behind the enemy lines is now legend.
  8. Her appetite for shopping became the stuff of legend.
  9. The unusual shell has long been the subject of legend.
  10. The story of how she was rescued has already passed into legend.

legend in the middle of sentence

  1. She was a legend in her own lifetime.
  2. Garbo was a legend in her own lifetime.
  3. The legend has thus much of foundation.
  4. He told us the legend of the ghostly horseman.
  5. It is difficult to separate legend from truth.
  6. The legend of his supernatural origins lives on.
  7. This legend still spreads abroad among the people.
  8. According to ancient legend, the river is a goddess.
  9. Jazz legend, Ella Fitzgerald, once sang in this bar.
  10. His pitching was a legend among major league hitters.
  11. The film retells the famous legend with a Marxist spin.
  12. He has become a legend in the annals of military history.
  13. The course is about fable and legend in modern literature.
  14. The legend of king arthur represent the apotheosis of chivalry.
  15. legend has it that the tribe came from across the Pacific Ocean.
  16. In the case of King Arthur, legend and truth are often inextricable.
  17. legend has it that Sarah was put to death for practising witchcraft.
  18. According to legend, he escaped by leaping from the cliffs into the sea.

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