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fable at the end of sentence

  1. You made it a kind of fable.
  2. Alec Clegg once wrote a fable.
  3. Is reincarnation fact or fable?
  4. It was so clearly a moral fable.
  5. Each tale has the timeless quality of fable.
  6. We have to learn to distinguish fact from fable.
  7. Great satire needs the sustenance of great fable.
  8. We may take the story of Job for a history or a fable.
  9. But, despite the odd anomaly the result is a fabulously charming children's fable.
  10. But her scenarios are without irony, studies of skin as flesh rather than repositories of myth and moral fable.

fable in the middle of sentence

  1. Really, it's more like a fable or a folktale.
  2. The fable is translated from the original French.
  3. This fable was written after the manner of Aesop.
  4. The old fable continues to echo down the centuries.
  5. She wants to fable up this narrative into a fiction.
  6. The course is about fable and legend in modern literature.
  7. My favorite is the fable of the race between the tortoise and the hare.
  8. The life of Howard Hughes cannot fail to remind us of the fable of Midas.
  9. And Notes from Underground is precisely such a fable of disembodied consciousness.
  10. This is just a fable to frighten the children with a bit of free preaching thrown in.
  11. F fable A short story in prose or verse which is written so that a moral may be learnt from it.
  12. And there was a picture engraved on glass, illustrating the fable of the milkmaid and her pail.
  13. The old fable as here retold is presented as a warning to all of the danger of excessive greed.
  14. The result is a dark, intoxicating fable about the limits of imagination and the power of memory.
  15. Is it not, like the wolf in the fable, putting on false clothing stolen from other social sciences?
  16. Science is the pop of the Nineties; beyond truth or fable, good or evil, it exists solely to stimulate.
  17. The doctor who had volunteered to settled down in the poor village became the chief fable of the villagers.
  18. In the figure of the bandit Joaquin Murieta, Californians of all races joined together to create a fable of payback.

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