Use of type in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include type at the start of sentence, type at the end of sentence and type in the middle of sentence

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type at the end of sentence

  1. This sentence is in italic type.
  2. What do you charge for work of this type?
  3. He has never really been the sociable type.
  4. I've already seen a few movies of this type.

type in the middle of sentence

  1. I love this type of book.
  2. I love these type of books.
  3. What type of stone is this?
  4. It is a seedless type orange.
  5. Cotton is a type of material.
  6. Bungalows are a type of house.
  7. What type do you have in mind?
  8. I can type your essays for you.
  9. Which type of tea do you prefer?
  10. A sauna is a type of steam bath.
  11. Bob is a fine type of schoolboy.
  12. The type of bread has added vitamins.
  13. Shrimps are a popular type of seafood.
  14. He became a skid row type of drunkard.
  15. She wanted a particular type of cactus.
  16. I can't forgive that type of behaviour.
  17. What do you charge for this type of work?
  18. This type of wood needs special treatment.
  19. This type of owl prefers a desert habitat.
  20. I have to type letters and answer the phone.
  21. Is there a particular type of book he enjoys?
  22. The new type of villa is priced competitively.
  23. She started a craze for this type of jewellery.
  24. This type of sheet steel could stand high pressure.
  25. I'll type your report if you'll babysit in exchange.

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