Use of typography in Sentences. 29 Examples

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typography at the start of sentence

  1. Typography the design and planning of printed matter using type.
  2. Typography with anything to say therefore aspires to a kind of statuesque transparency.
  3. Typography.css –A Typography CSS file can define your typefaces, sizes, leading, kerning, and possibly even color.

typography at the end of sentence

  1. Please write your name in typography.
  2. Specimen: Sample page set to show the typography.
  3. It was the first computer with beautiful typography.
  4. The single most abused area is that of the typography.
  5. The same principle can also be applied within one specialization, e.g. typography.
  6. This, in turn, is part of an issue which will be devoted entirely to papers on typography.
  7. Typographer a specialist in the design of printed matter, and in particular the art of typography.

typography in the middle of sentence

  1. The measure of typography is the book.
  2. The presentation and typography is equally inconsistent.
  3. Web typography is the hot topic at most events and blogs these days.
  4. Digital typography has achieved such status, Hypermedia is following.
  5. His uses of grungy textured backgrounds and typography are unmistakable.
  6. The manual is attractively presented and good typography makes it readable.
  7. Knowledge of layout , graphic design fundamentals, typography, and animation.
  8. Main Idea: typography is young, but will continue to be a part of web design.
  9. Dictionaries make heavy use of typography to convey information to the reader.
  10. Lettering: Hand - drawn typography or a typeface designed to look hand - drawn.
  11. The place where typography was probably invented in our country was the Huanghe river region.
  12. Mr McLean has a vast knowledge of typography and book design, knowledge which he is happy to share with the Library.
  13. She majored in art in college, and a class in typography and letterpress printing made her aware of her true interests.
  14. It is thus essential to cover the basic principles of digital typography and document design near the start of the course.
  15. Quality, of design and typography rather than editorial matter, is a burning issue as far as desktop publishing is concerned.
  16. Even a discussion about typography or paragraph spacing would be clouded with danger and twisted by subtle probings or innuendoes.
  17. Such printing methods may look primitive simple, yet with modern typeface typography the same way, so that the printing press into a new era.
  18. With a promo for " Worst Case Scenario " for the Discovery Network she melds live action and graphic illustration, nicely using typography to annotate the footage.
  19. An icon of the Swiss school of typography, Helvetica swept through the design world in the '60s and became synonymous with modern, progressive, cosmopolitan attitudes.

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