Use of lettering in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include lettering at the start of sentence, lettering at the end of sentence and lettering in the middle of sentence

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lettering at the end of sentence

  1. His name was picked out in gold lettering.
  2. The ceilings, bulkheads and window frames were painted white with black lettering.
  3. At the top was a faded blue-painted door with the single word, Studio, emblazoned upon it in plain black lettering.

lettering in the middle of sentence

  1. The lettering is fuzzy and indistinct.
  2. The sign's lettering was crisp and distinct.
  3. Good, snappy headlines and bold lettering help.
  4. The lettering on the poster is very eye - catching.
  5. The invitations had red lettering on a white background.
  6. The lettering stood out well against the dark background.
  7. The book's cover has white lettering on a blue background.
  8. For a neat finish use white rubdown lettering for the legends.
  9. The black lettering really stands out on that orange background.
  10. The lettering on the gravestone was badly worn and almost illegible.
  11. You can superimpose the lettering directly onto one of your pictures.
  12. Good paint schemes and carefully chosen lettering should be your first option.
  13. Even from her place at the desk she could read the gold lettering on the frame.
  14. The front of the shop was unpainted varnished wood with faded gold lettering above it.
  15. A poster, white lettering on red background, blared from the gloom of the opposite wall.
  16. In small lettering underneath he read, Box-office information - bookings etc. 1900 to 1930.
  17. Letraset a proprietary name for rub-down or dry transfer lettering used in preparing artwork.
  18. A plaque set in the wall at shin height, painted cream with the lettering picked out in black.
  19. She is wearing jeans, tennis shoes and a blue shirt with faded gray lettering across the front.
  20. It was carved with very competent lettering, but all it said was 15 April 1945 and a list of names.
  21. Faded gold lettering told him this wasn't the one he was looking for, but he tried the handle anyway.
  22. This includes checking the numbering and lettering of paragraphs for consistency throughout the document.
  23. In the artnouveau style, the lettering and bronze basin showing the influence of Charles Rennie Macintosh.
  24. Indeed, as we draw closer, our information is confirmed by the chipped and faded lettering on the front window.
  25. You may wish to embellish the controls with rubdown lettering followed by a coat of spray-on protective lacquer as usual.
  26. The Fluid Foundation comes in a little opaque beige plastic container, and is labelled, in gold lettering, Teint Naturel.

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