Use of inscription in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include inscription at the start of sentence, inscription at the end of sentence and inscription in the middle of sentence

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inscription at the end of sentence

  1. The ring bears an inscription.
  2. She read the title and inscription.
  3. The gravestone bears an inscription.
  4. I never take a friend's book with inscription.
  5. No one could penetrate the meaning of the inscription.
  6. She ducked her head to look more closely at the inscription.

inscription in the middle of sentence

  1. What does the inscription say?
  2. The inscription was still legible.
  3. The inscription bears the date 1655.
  4. He chiselled an inscription on the marble.
  5. The inscription on the coin had worn away.
  6. But that coin with the inscription is absurd.
  7. There's an inscription in the front of the book.
  8. The monumental inscription is scarcely readable.
  9. There was an inscription carved over the doorway.
  10. The inscription reads: "To Emma, with love from Harry".
  11. The inscription has worn away and can no longer be read.
  12. The inscription was engraved in the stone of the memorial.
  13. A Latin inscription had been carved on the lid of the box.
  14. The medal bears the inscription "For distinguished service".
  15. There was an inscription in Chinese characters over the arch.
  16. The simple inscription on her grave reads: 'She sleeps in peace.
  17. Time and weather had long ago effaced the inscription on the monument.
  18. The monument carries the inscription: "To the fallen in two world wars".
  19. Your wedding ring can be engraved with a personal inscription at no extra cost.
  20. The tour guide pointed out the inscription that runs round the inside of the dome.
  21. He detected an inscription of Kleomenes on the figure's clothing, obscured by a dense network of incisions.
  22. The inscription on the stone tablet has been rubbed away by the hands of countless tourists over the centuries.
  23. The greatest Pharaonic inscription was defaced in antiquity; the disgraced Roman Third Legion had its name hacked away.

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