Use of writing in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include writing at the start of sentence, writing at the end of sentence and writing in the middle of sentence

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writing at the start of sentence

  1. Writing a history book entails a lot of work.

writing at the end of sentence

  1. I can't read your writing.
  2. He makes a living by writing.
  3. He spent the whole day writing.
  4. I can't read the doctor's writing.
  5. She doesn't earn much from her writing.
  6. When he heard the knock, he ceased writing.
  7. It's really difficult to read your writing.
  8. The theme of freedom recurs throughout her writing.
  9. The child has become skillful in reading and writing.

writing in the middle of sentence

  1. Your writing is hard to read.
  2. I assisted him in writing his paper.
  3. He seated himself at a writing table.
  4. Pens and pencils are writing utensils.
  5. I'm writing a grammar of modern English.
  6. Ruth had/possessed great writing skills.
  7. His writing gained by continuous practice.
  8. I thoroughly detest writing letters to her.
  9. Reading and writing are two different skills.
  10. He stopped writing and looked at me, pen poised.
  11. How can you degrade yourself by writing such trash?
  12. He supplements his ordinary income by writing books.
  13. She is writing a follow-up to her best-selling novel.
  14. All his unpublished writing should be destroyed unread.
  15. It's the intelligence of her writing that impresses me.
  16. The characters in Chinese writing look like small pictures.
  17. His writing has been dismissed as mere intellectual posturing.
  18. The writer aerateed his writing with a persuasive colloquialism.

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