Use of font in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include font at the start of sentence, font at the end of sentence and font in the middle of sentence

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font at the start of sentence

  1. Font adjustments are made by using the Printer program supplied with your WordPerfect diskettes.

font at the end of sentence

  1. Use an italic font.
  2. Athelstan waited near the baptismal font.
  3. Four were pinned like a window above the baptismal font.
  4. The new poor box was replaced and padlocked near the baptismal font.
  5. This information base is then manipulated using a font descriptor file to generate a particular font.

font in the middle of sentence

  1. This switches back to font 1. 5.
  2. There is a central font with marble floor around it.
  3. I want to use Arial as a font and have the text red.
  4. Say font 3 is enlarged characters and font 4 is italics.
  5. Object properties can include font, style type, fill or colour palette.
  6. A silver dish like a holy water font was fastened to the seat in front of me.
  7. When you download the font it may be in a compressed format, such as a zip file.
  8. At the font, there is little suffering, except the shock of the water for babies.
  9. If you double click on one of the font names a sample is displayed on the screen.
  10. All the pews have been removed from inside but the font and the altar rail remain.
  11. The status line shows all of the menu options: Press 1 to search for a font change.
  12. When their son, Thomas, was born, I stood by him at the baptismal font as godfather.
  13. To check the correct font name, refer to the font list from the menu bar or press F9.
  14. Once again, however, this really only works if both systems use the same font suitcases.
  15. As one pundit told me, marble follows the locals from the baptismal font to the tombstone.
  16. The classic font of 1751 with pineapple finial was given by the parish of Melcombe Bingham.
  17. Just remember to return the font to normal at the point where you want the other font to stop.
  18. Install whichever is appropriate, and you can use Eaglefeather as your font whenever you wish.
  19. The user can select any screen font he or she prefers and can enter copy in almost any fashion.
  20. This can be done even if book titles are currently displayed in the same font as, say, section headings.
  21. The screen and the ornamental woodwork of pulpit, font lid and choir stalls they chopped up for firewood.
  22. It retains the font from the old priory church and the bell is thought to have come from the priory refectory.
  23. Well, it was a comparative review: there's better clip-art and more capable font handling among PagePlus's competitors.

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