Use of typeface in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include typeface at the start of sentence, typeface at the end of sentence and typeface in the middle of sentence

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typeface at the end of sentence

  1. A form of the sans serif typeface.
  2. The new logo features a more modern typeface.
  3. In printing, a heavier version of a particular typeface.
  4. You'll have to realign your text columns if you change the typeface.
  5. The software allows you to choose from over twenty sorts of typeface.
  6. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing a typeface.
  7. Extremely short descenders will give a strange look to a text typeface.
  8. Let's assume we are producing a three column newsletter and we have already decided to use 10 point Palatino as our typeface.
  9. While Pastis had depicted various crocodiles in the strip as early as February 2004, these crocs were relatively competent and spoke normal English in a normal typeface.

typeface in the middle of sentence

  1. Use a clean, simple typeface for signs.
  2. A light typeface has much bigger counters.
  3. Usability and design: Is the typeface easy to read?
  4. This typeface has been chosen for maximum legibility.
  5. Condensed type: A typeface with narrow characteristics.
  6. Outline letters: typeface with only the outline defined.
  7. I'd like the heading to be in a different typeface from the text.
  8. Whellolea typeface, you want all the letters to have the same height.
  9. Face an abbreviation for typeface referring to a family in a given style.
  10. Doubleclick or open the typeface, and you get a style sheet that you can print.
  11. Lettering: Hand - drawn typography or a typeface designed to look hand - drawn.
  12. Such is the elegance of this typeface that it is still a favourite of designers.
  13. Choosing the typeface and style to produce the document in is the next biggest hurdle.
  14. The sentence I had just written in a staid serif typeface suddenly was pushed leeward.
  15. Ornamented type: typeface embellished with decorative flourishes . Used mainly as initial.
  16. A typeface that seems almost handwritten will convey a company's people-oriented, unthreatening, low-key identity.
  17. Once these tags reach the publishing package they assume the correct typeface, size, style and other typographic characteristics.
  18. Baskerville:British printer and typographer. He produced a notable edition of Virgil in 1757 and designed the typeface that bears his name.
  19. Secondly, be prepared to experiment with other typeface libraries so long as the format they produce has compatible printer and screen fonts.

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