Use of manner in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include manner at the start of sentence, manner at the end of sentence and manner in the middle of sentence

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manner at the start of sentence

  1. Manner of walking gives an index to one's charactor.

manner at the end of sentence

  1. She has a very formal manner.
  2. She answered in a businesslike manner .
  3. She turned me off with her bossy manner.
  4. He greeted us in a demonstrative manner.
  5. He conducted himself in a gracious manner.
  6. Why are you talking in such a strange manner?
  7. The headteacher is very genial/has a genial manner.
  8. It was barbarous to treat prisoners in that manner.
  9. The negotiations have been conducted in a positive manner.

manner in the middle of sentence

  1. His manner can be rather gruff.
  2. I find his manner very appealing.
  3. His manner was cold and unwelcoming.
  4. His manner is a factor in his success.
  5. His rather superior manner jars on me.
  6. His calm manner slaked their enthusiasm.
  7. I found his manner extremely unpleasant.
  8. Her secretive manner had made me curious.
  9. His unassuming manner concealed an iron will.
  10. His cheerful manner belied his real feelings.
  11. Her pleasant manner belied her true character.
  12. The manner of presentation is highly important.
  13. He behaved in a questionable manner towards her.
  14. The boy's manner of speech grated on his father.
  15. It seemed rather an odd manner of deciding things.
  16. His forthright manner can be mistaken for rudeness.
  17. She found his manner towards her distinctly hostile.
  18. His manner was perfectly amicable but I felt uncomfortable.

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