Use of approach in Sentences. 27 Examples

The examples include approach at the start of sentence, approach at the end of sentence and approach in the middle of sentence

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approach at the end of sentence

  1. They've taken a very cautious approach.
  2. There's a certain novelty value in this approach.
  3. Perhaps you should adopt a more conciliatory approach.
  4. Tom's mother was highly critical of the school's approach.
  5. You need to be more flexible and imaginative in your approach.

approach in the middle of sentence

  1. This approach seems very sensible to me.
  2. He has a thoughtful approach to his work.
  3. He didn't approach the front door at once.
  4. Warm breezes index the approach of spring.
  5. Two broad types of approach can be identified.
  6. I have an analytical approach to every survey.
  7. My doctor takes a holistic approach to disease.
  8. I was afraid to approach them about this matter.
  9. You should slow down as you approach the junction.
  10. They had to approach the castle through thick swamps.
  11. We must approach the problem from a different standpoint.
  12. Be careful how you approach her - she's very temperamental.
  13. The company is taking a more robust approach to management.
  14. We would prefer a more orthodox approach/solution to the problem.
  15. The wine made him bold enough to approach her and introduce himself.
  16. Dr. Mesibov set forth the basis of his approach to teaching students.
  17. We like this approach because it fits in with our own preconceptions.
  18. The local authority's approach to health care seems totally haphazard.
  19. Bloomfield's approach to linguistics was based on observation of the language.
  20. The approach taken by US courts has been more progressive than that in Britain.
  21. We need to rethink the way we consume energy. Take, for instance, our approach to transport.
  22. In business, the pragmatic approach to problems is often more successful than an idealistic one.

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