Use of tactic in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include tactic at the start of sentence, tactic at the end of sentence and tactic in the middle of sentence

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tactic at the end of sentence

  1. She decided on a stalling tactic.
  2. She decided on a delaying tactic.
  3. It's time to try a change of tactic.
  4. I had friends who tried this tactic.
  5. Art Mitz relied on a different tactic.
  6. Telephone sales people use this tactic.
  7. Republicans see this as a win-win tactic.
  8. Confrontation is not always the best tactic.
  9. After they'd gone, Nell tried a different tactic.
  10. At the time, I viewed the lie as a guerilla tactic.
  11. Alas, many companies are already wise to this tactic.
  12. Fires were started by the prisoners as a diversionary tactic.
  13. This was risky and proved to be an extremely ill-advised tactic.
  14. Some players see injuring their opponent as a legitimate tactic.
  15. Frequent interrupting and talking over others Useful overpowering tactic.
  16. And there was no bloody bobby there at all. Painful experience taught you when to use an avoidance tactic.

tactic in the middle of sentence

  1. The fast bowling tactic has worked.
  2. A simple tactic is domain name registration.
  3. However, a different tactic is adopted here.
  4. The next tactic they use is to give us advice.
  5. He adopted the same tactic in Biarritz, with the same result.
  6. Either tactic offers at least a chance of keeping trouble to the minimum.
  7. Many gays reacted with outrage at the tactic of "outing" senior public figures.
  8. No single strategy or tactic will resolve such a complex phenomenon as inter-group conflict.
  9. In the 1590s he favoured a tactic of moderation in the expectation of a favourable political change.
  10. The proposal was dismissed as a diversionary tactic intended to distract attention from the real problems.
  11. An example of the tactic would be a project aimed at establishing the suitability of a material for a given task.
  12. The tactic is mined with dangers and difficulties and can not be successfully carried out unless these are constantly borne in mind.
  13. The report concluded that the Khmer Rouge tactic was proving successful and that grassroots sympathy for the group had probably been underestimated.

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