Use of methodology in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include methodology at the start of sentence, methodology at the end of sentence and methodology in the middle of sentence

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methodology at the start of sentence

  1. Methodology places particular emphasis on the language of persuasion.

methodology at the end of sentence

  1. One is the development of new methodology.
  2. A related issue concerns empirical methodology.
  3. This is unforgivable in the realm of scientific methodology.
  4. But we are now drifting to the next stages of the methodology.
  5. There has been an overemphasis on content rather than methodology.
  6. Empirical analysis is thus given an alternative explanatory methodology.
  7. The monograph is conceptually confused, unclear in its structure and weak in its methodology.
  8. The early 1970s continued to be years of intense experimentation in curricula and methodology.
  9. The participation of primary and middle school teachers forms a major part of the methodology.

methodology in the middle of sentence

  1. How far were the rules of scientific methodology infringed?
  2. Workshop on research methodology, bibliography, citations, etc.
  3. There are some differences in methodology between the two studies.
  4. His current work centres upon the study of methodology in teaching.
  5. We've been developing a new methodology for assessing new products.
  6. The methodology and findings of the research team have been criticized.
  7. The difficulties of pursuing such a methodology are immediately evident.
  8. Perhaps the main weakness in the text, which accounts for a number of others, is the methodology employed.
  9. The classical approach used the methodology of the physical sciences to illustrate a view of organisations.
  10. The research methodology will include the use of questionnaires to establish the range of pupils' perceptions.
  11. Methods and results Two postal surveys were carried out, in 1984, when the methodology was validated, and 1989.
  12. Consternation on all sides-and a lot of very hostile criticism of both Skakkebaek's methodology and his conclusions.
  13. But now the struggle is for methodology to really be geared towards stimulating intellectual development and problem solving.
  14. Descartes also claimed that the new rationalist methodology would bring human mastery over nature and a new age of human well-being.
  15. The methodology is operationalized in a macro which calls a separate program to perturb the input data without changing the topology.
  16. Another is that the methodology of transformational grammarians has obscured the need for investigation of speech-writing differences.
  17. As far as its methodology is concerned this approach is firmly grounded in the income-expenditure approach of Keynesian macroeconomics.
  18. In addition to departmental seminars, there are courses in research methodology and practice and regular meetings with a review board to assess progress.
  19. These contrasting values and political allegiances demonstrate the lack of any necessary correspondence between elite methodology, state theory and political values.

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