Use of enter in Sentences. 25 Examples

The examples include enter at the start of sentence, enter at the end of sentence and enter in the middle of sentence

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enter at the start of sentence

  1. Enter your password, then click on the 'proceed' icon.
  2. Enter our competition and you could walk away with £10,000.

enter at the end of sentence

  1. Knock before you enter.
  2. He stood back to allow us to enter.
  3. Knock on the door before you enter.

enter in the middle of sentence

  1. Diseases enter by the mouth.
  2. Do not enter the danger zone!
  3. Don't enter without knocking.
  4. I will enter on my task tomorrow.
  5. We should enter into public life.
  6. Where did the bullet enter the body?
  7. I love you pass though life enter life.
  8. Please enter your username and password.
  9. The police observed a man enter the bank.
  10. I shall enter for the singing competition.
  11. Have you the requisite visa to enter Canada?
  12. You may need to enter this information manually.
  13. The government agreed to enter into negotiations.
  14. Her dream to enter the famous university came true.
  15. Some students enter other professions such as arts administration.
  16. He was seen to enter the building about the time the crime was committed.
  17. The ladder stood against the wall, making it easy for the thieves to enter the house.
  18. These suits are designed to protect the wearer from cold shock as they enter the water.
  19. Only free men can negotiate; prisoners cannot enter into contracts. Your freedom and mine cannot be separated.
  20. Attempts to get supplies to the region are futile because troops will not allow the aid convoy to enter the city.

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