Use of sprite in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include sprite at the start of sentence, sprite at the end of sentence and sprite in the middle of sentence

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sprite at the end of sentence

  1. Then I'll have a 7 Up or sprite.
  2. I'd like the barbecued sandwich and a large sprite.
  3. The little girl is so lovely that I call her a sprite.
  4. Sometimes this beautiful girl can is a disheveled little sprite.
  5. Tracy : It's said that a middle - school student got mercury poisoning after drinking a can of sprite.

sprite in the middle of sentence

  1. Win the sprite Blacktop 3pt Shootout.
  2. But the sprite told him a secret plan.
  3. A spiteful sprite, a malevolent kelpie.
  4. Jack : Yes. I have a can of sprite almost every day.
  5. We have Coke, sprite, Seven-up, Pepsi, orange juice.
  6. They also provide water, coke and sprite in the room.
  7. It is said that little water sprite lives in this river.
  8. We have Coke, Diet Coke, sprite , root beer, and lemonade.
  9. The sprite immmediately went out to spoil all the king's traps.
  10. He produced the accustomed sprite , giving her sally for sally.
  11. Check for an example of how a sprite image is requested onload.
  12. Pursuance excellence and continuous innovation is the sprite of our factory.
  13. Based on the MMX 1 sprite design, because I think the boob lights look dumb.
  14. Converse sat at his writing desk, drinking sprite, looking at the lizard smears.
  15. At the same time, seven-up, Fanta, sprite, Mirinda flooded the domestic retail counter.
  16. Glastyn Also known as Glashtyn, a field sprite who frequents farmhouses on the Isle of Man.
  17. Her new boyfriend was a young businessman and drove a sprite and Pam thought he was a good catch.
  18. Cosmetics, cigarettes, wine, sprite, and all soft drinks are considered as dutiable goods in China.
  19. It's a mix of sprite, food colouring and a drinkable chemical ingredient – that's what makes the fumes.
  20. Stark Nude had been an angelic sprite of a girl who in my mind will for ever be 6 and eating jelly beans.
  21. He reaches the ball a step ahead of an agile sprite named Molly, whose ponytail flows behind her baseball cap.
  22. In places, the shadows seemed oppressively dark, sinister hiding-places where some demon or evil sprite might lurk.
  23. He is, however, not a trustworthy sprite, and delights in practical jokes of a bizarre and sometimes gruesome nature.
  24. By using a two-dimensional, time-dependent electromagnetic field model (EM model), the spherics and red sprite phenomenon is studied.

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