Use of elf in Sentences. 29 Examples

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elf at the start of sentence

  1. Elf clippers sailed as far as Nippon and Cathay in search of goods. Untold riches flowed through Lothern.

elf at the end of sentence

  1. Twoflower had always wanted to meet an elf.
  2. The elf sees a couple of extra Dwarfs hiding behind a tree with poisoned daggers, waiting to back-stab the elf.

elf in the middle of sentence

  1. But it was his elf face which shot up.
  2. An elf and an urchin, she had seen Holly.
  3. Griffon-mounted elf Lords soared over the army.
  4. Dark elf raiders have committed innumerable acts of piracy.
  5. He was not prepared to gamble with the future of the elf race.
  6. The largest elf armada of all time was assembled to reclaim it.
  7. To an elf or a Dwarf, they seem to be having a violent argument.
  8. In sleep he looked delicate, more elf than goblin, almost beautiful.
  9. There are also problems with words like unicorn, roc, elf and dragon.
  10. The elf case has a political dimension that makes it an affair of state.
  11. His Dark elf followers have given themselves over entirely to his worship.
  12. One tapestry, for instance, shows an elf and a Dwarf in animated discussion.
  13. The High elf army fell on the besiegers of Lothern, putting them to the sword.
  14. An elf fleet was despatched to the cold north and was massacred by the Dark Elves.
  15. Fast as the wind and loyal unto death, they are the perfect mount for elf nobility.
  16. It seemed an gross insult to elf pride that the Phoenix crown should remain in Dwarf hands.
  17. I wanted to believe like I believed last year — that Santa was a big fat elf in a red suit.
  18. Geraniums sat on the window ledges and oleanders grew from old elf oil drums outside the doors.
  19. This was the high water mark of elf culture when most of their greatest works of art were created.
  20. On the way home Caledor's ship was separated from the rest of the High elf fleet by a freak storm.
  21. A growing corruption scandal involving the elf oil company claimed its highest-ranking victim to date.
  22. Every elf city was required to have a martial field where its soldiers could train and fight mock battles.
  23. Most of the old great elf towns date from this period and it goes some way towards accounting for their remoteness.
  24. Additionally there were protests from the elf colonies in the Old World who saw the departure of the armies as a betrayal.
  25. The elf fleets cleared the northern seas of their Naggarothi kinsfolk. Trade routes lost during the Sundering were re-opened.
  26. Recognising his own inadequacy as a general, he appointed a succession of brilliant field commanders to lead the High elf armies.

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