Use of imp in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include imp at the start of sentence, imp at the end of sentence and imp in the middle of sentence

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imp at the start of sentence

  1. Imp: Increases your Fire damage done by 15 %.
  2. Imp effect reduced to 10 % increased fire damage, down from 15 %.

imp at the end of sentence

  1. Come here, you little imp!
  2. How much is it to hire an imp?
  3. Kappa, the amphibious river imp.
  4. " You're pretty sharp, little imp ! "
  5. Reproduced by kind permission of Warner Chappell/imp.
  6. And yet, underneath that veneer of stoicism there lay a devious imp.

imp in the middle of sentence

  1. What a little imp you are!
  2. Is the imp altogether evil?
  3. Or I should say the wee imp ran into me.
  4. Week of imp: Double growth for Im and Familiars.
  5. Arcane with Giggles your helper imp by your side.
  6. Chinese imp & Exp Company that register in PuDong Shanghai.
  7. He's worse than a little imp; he's small - minded , ha , ha!
  8. For importation of goods, it is the date of imp - ort declaration.
  9. The imp of hell appeared on closer examination to be a neglected child.
  10. The imp was either fleeing from female reproaches or about to fall into that trap.
  11. An imp of evil, emblem and product of sin, she had no right among christened infants.
  12. A Hillman imp, a roof rack, the beak of an upturned canoe overshooting its windscreen.
  13. He's dressing up as the Lincoln imp; the original imp is a carving in Lincoln cathedral.
  14. She was the imp Second in the 1st Badgeworth Pack, and was keen on doing her daily good turn.
  15. Christine, the imp Sixer, would sometimes call in on her way home from school and get tea for her.
  16. E 5 neIFn ; 9 imp [ sn ` eFEn / n [ C , U ] : He does some brilliant impersonations of the president.
  17. And, whispers an politically incorrect imp, than the pre-colonial and post-independence eras as well.
  18. Yet a devil was loose somewhere, a restless imp had slipped into her and would not be harried or prayed out.
  19. Conclusion L - ornithine - L - aspartate combined with Lactulose has good clinical efficacy in imp roving hepatic function and hepatic encephalopathy.
  20. There is another way of explaining the physiocratic attitude toward land as the sole producer. And that is to concentrate on the proposed imp?t unique.
  21. However, the resourceful imp manages to finagle an apprenticeship out of the sympathetic Alfredo, whose adages come mostly from the pens of Hollywood screenwriters.

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