Use of goblin in Sentences. 29 Examples

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goblin at the start of sentence

  1. Goblin Sharpshooter does not untap during your untap step.
  2. Goblin Ha'Hotel Charming inn situated in picturesque village at the foot of the Lammermuirs.
  3. Goblin A general name for the familiar demon or mischievous spirit who dwells in private houses or in the chinks of trees.
  4. Goblin wolf riders raid and pillage far afield, while outriders scour the surrounding countryside for any sign of enemy armies.

goblin at the end of sentence

  1. An ugly , mischievous elf or goblin.
  2. From the Old Norse Skratta, a goblin.
  3. Tengu, the wicked long-nosed trickster goblin.

goblin in the middle of sentence

  1. The goblin hopped into his pocket.
  2. The goblin horde seemed hardly diminished.
  3. A good option for the goblin Warlord is to ride a chariot.
  4. Forest goblin Shamans keep small poisonous spiders in their mouths.
  5. In sleep he looked delicate, more elf than goblin, almost beautiful.
  6. Attacked and driven out by men, Giant Wolves have allied with goblin tribes.
  7. And the moment he did so, the second goblin jumped into his pocket, and there stayed.
  8. A separate section describing famous Orc and goblin warlords has been included after the army list.
  9. These included tying lots of cushions to the goblin, making parachutes, and kitting him out with wings.
  10. To decide if the goblin lands where you have aimed it roll both the scatter dice and the artillery dice.
  11. Many Dwarfs stumbled to the ground dead with goblin arrows embedded in them, but more still made the gate.
  12. If you roll an arrow the goblin Doom Diver has missed and veered off in the direction indicated by the arrow.
  13. Flabagon and Frito fell backwards into a heap, and the cauldron catapulted forward right towards the goblin King.
  14. Since that time many independent Orc and goblin tribes have taken root in the forests and mountains of that cold land.
  15. Up to three Fanatics can hide in each Night goblin infantry unit - note down which units conceal Fanatics and how many.
  16. Remove goblin casualties with a deliberately contemptuous gesture or casual lack of concern if it makes you feel better.
  17. To help keep the goblin alive, if not exactly intact, a whole variety of life preserving techniques were originally developed.
  18. As the churning mass swelled within him his resilient goblin digestive system got to work on the over-abundance of raw material.
  19. Forest goblin shamans are prone to run off dizzily, or just blunder about, unable to distinguish fact from venom-induced fiction.
  20. Sometimes an Orc or goblin will capture a few Snotlings and train them to perform entertaining tricks, or to perform simple tasks.
  21. These highly mobile skirmishers can be used to draw goblin fanatics out of their units prior to a charge by more heavily armed troops.
  22. Its steep sides are thronged with goblin strongholds and its rocky slopes overlay caves and tunnels that are riddled with evil creatures.

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