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gnome at the start of sentence

  1. Gnome Zeitgeist raises similar concerns.
  2. Gnome illusionists sell false wares, then flee the city.
  3. Gnome passage, where we headed after leaving the cave entrance, was one of the highlights of the cave for me.
  4. Gnome 3’s application layout looks a lot like KDE’s Plasma Netbook interface than a traditional cascading menu.

gnome at the end of sentence

  1. How to switch to Console mode in gnome?
  2. Despite this, he lived and mutated into a leper gnome.
  3. He called in Julian - a six-inch-tall red, white and blue garden gnome!
  4. The Swedes do not have Santa Claus . What they have is Christmas gnome.
  5. Note from Heron's Liberation Front demanding ransom for return of gnome.
  6. Margaret's life might have been brightened up by a smug, self-amusing gurning garden gnome.

gnome in the middle of sentence

  1. Welcome to Beijing gnome User Group!
  2. Never punt a gnome without due cause.
  3. The gnome desktop has been like this way too.
  4. Susan bought a garden gnome to decorate her garden.
  5. I fear no man, or beast, gnome, and I'll show you that!
  6. A high - priced gnome assassin is rumored to be in the area.
  7. A gnome community has uncovered the tomb of a lost human king.
  8. From a beaten-up gnome statue to a pair of panties, see photos.
  9. This manual is part of a collection of gnome manuals distributed under the GFDL.
  10. Similarly, Bonobo is a solution for gnome, but is quite heavy, being based on CORBA.
  11. With gnome you can use several different windows manager, such as Sawfish or Metacity.
  12. A garden gnome sits just above flood waters from the Oder river near the Polish border.
  13. Have only low-level foliage in the front of the house, where only a garden gnome could hide.
  14. The gnome project has done a valuable service by providing the LibXML2 libraries and supporting Perl modules.
  15. A technological mockery of a 10 - foot - tall gnome stands before you, clunking and whirling with steam power.
  16. The gnome started shaking his hips back and forth and smacking the air like he was spanking some girl's butt on the dance floor.
  17. DROWNING gnome: Water from the Oder River covered the garden at a house in Brandenburg, Germany, near the border with Poland Friday.
  18. In contrast, the gnome Accessibility Project uses a more object-oriented approach that provides more specialized interfaces for a variety of UI elements.
  19. Linux provides a wide range of tools for partitioning MBR disks, including fdisk, cfdisk, sfdisk, GNU Parted, the gnome Partition Editor (GParted), and more.

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